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Chamomile Bath Soak


Relax in a delightfully warm bath with this soothing bath soak made with Himalayan Sea Salts, Epsom Magnesium Salts, Dead Sea Mineral Salts, Moisturizing Butters, Colloidal Oatmeal and aromatic orange and chamomile botanicals.

After you're finished, apply our Body Butter or Body Oil for an added boost of moisture and pampering.

Net wt: 8oz

This listing comes in an 8 oz jar

DIRECTIONS: Scoop 2-4 spoons of these salts directly into your tub, or use the enclosed reusable muslin bag(to keep botanicals out of the tub for easy clean up.)Swirl the product around to create lovely and milky water that will soften and detox your skin like no other!

Relax and unwind in your soothing bath for 20 minutes or more.

Be Careful Tub May Be Slippery

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Collidal Oatmeal, Kaolin Clay, Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Essential Oil, Dried Chamomile 

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